When is Palm Sunday 2026

Palm Sunday 2026 Date 

For those planning well in advance, a common question arises: What date is Palm Sunday 2026?

Palm Sunday 2026 will be observed on Sunday, March 29. This date is not arbitrary but is determined by a complex calculation based on the lunar calendar, which also dictates the date of Easter each year.

Palm Sunday always falls on the Sunday before Easter, which is set as the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. It’s important for believers to note this Palm Sunday 2026 date to properly plan their spiritual journey through Holy Week.

The day of the week for Palm Sunday is always, as its name suggests, a Sunday. So, the Palm Sunday 2026 date and day are one and the same: Sunday, March 29, 2026. This consistency makes it easier for churches and individuals to plan their observances, as Palm Sunday always falls on the same day of the week, even though its date varies from year to year.

In churches worldwide, Palm Sunday 2026 will be marked by the distribution of palm branches to the congregation. Many churches will also have a procession at the beginning of the service, symbolizing Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Some communities even bring in a live donkey to recreate the scene more vividly.

The Palm Sunday 2026 date is not just a day on the calendar; it’s a pivotal moment in the Christian faith. It signifies the beginning of Holy Week, a period of deep reflection and preparation leading up to Easter. After Palm Sunday, Christians observe Maundy Thursday (commemorating the Last Supper), Good Friday (remembering Christ’s crucifixion), and Holy Saturday, before celebrating the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Churches also benefit from knowing the Palm Sunday 2026 date well in advance. It allows them to order palm branches, plan special music or dramas, and coordinate with other churches for community-wide events. In some regions, churches come together for joint Palm Sunday processions, making it a powerful display of unity.


In conclusion, the Palm Sunday 2026 date is a key moment in the Christian calendar, marking the beginning of Holy Week and commemorating Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Whether you’re a church leader planning services or an individual seeking to deepen your faith, marking this date in your calendar is a step toward a more meaningful Easter season. As March 29, 2026, approaches, Christians worldwide will join in a tradition that spans centuries, waving palm branches to welcome their King.

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