Free Printable Weekly Calendars

Planning and organizing your week is crucial for productivity and time management. A printable weekly calendar is a great tool to help you stay on top of your schedule.

Here are some of the best free printable weekly calendar templates to fit your needs:

Modern weekly calendar

For those looking for a clean, minimalist calendar, a modern weekly calendar is a great option. These calendars have a simple layout with the days of the week and room for writing events or notes. The modern design looks great printed out and can add some flair to an office, kitchen, or dorm room wall. A modern weekly calendar is perfect for those who want an uncluttered planner.

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Professional weekly calendar

For business and professional use, a professional weekly calendar template provides structure. These calendars allow you to view the week at a glance and schedule meetings, calls, deadlines, and more. Some professional templates include task lists or areas for notes. A professional weekly calendar promotes organization and productivity.

professional weekly calendar

Academic weekly calendar

Teachers can benefit from an academic weekly calendar template tailored to school needs. These include space to write projects, and other school-related events. They contain motivational images. An academic weekly calendar helps teachers stay on top of schoolwork and activities. They’re great for high school and junior school teachers.

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Personal weekly calendar

If you want a functional, convenient weekly calendar, aim for one of the personal weekly calendar templates. The personal weekly calendars include the full month name, day and date, ample room for writing, and sometimes holidays. They’re available in different colors and formats. A best weekly calendar is ideal for individuals and families who need to track assignments, activities, and appointments.

personal weekly calendar pdf

Neutral weekly calendar

For maximum flexibility, a neutral weekly calendar with minimal design allows you to customize it for any purpose.  Whether you need a family calendar, work calendar, or personal calendar, a neutral, printable weekly template can work for any situation. 

neutral weekly calendar pdf

Decorate and personalize it to suit your needs.

With many options for free weekly calendar templates, you can find the perfect fit. Printable weekly calendars are an inexpensive way to organize your schedule and activities for school, work, or personal life. Simply download, print, and hang on the wall or keep it on your desk for a convenient weekly view.

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