When is Palm Sunday 2025

Palm Sunday 2025 Date

Palm Sunday 2025 will be celebrated on April 13th. This significant date in the Christian calendar marks the beginning of Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament. According to the biblical accounts, Jesus rode into the city on a donkey, while crowds of people spread palm branches on the road and shouted “Hosanna!” in his honor.

Churches often distribute palm fronds to congregants on this day, symbolizing the branches used to honor Jesus. Some traditions also include processions or reenactments of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

As Palm Sunday 2025 approaches, Christians will gather to remember this pivotal moment in their faith and to prepare their hearts for the upcoming observances of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection.

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