Fahrenheit to Kelvin

How to Use Fahrenheit to Kelvin Converter

Getting your Fahrenheit to Kelvin conversion is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Input Fahrenheit Temperature: Simply enter the Fahrenheit temperature value you wish to convert.
  2. Click the “convert” button: Our converter will promptly display its Kelvin counterpart.
  3. Clear & Concise Display: Results are presented straightforwardly, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.

Formula Section: The formula for converting Fahrenheit (F) to Kelvin (K) is:

K = (F – 32) x 5/9 + 273.15

Where F is the temperature in Fahrenheit and K is the temperature in Kelvin.

To convert, you first subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature, then multiply by 5/9, and finally add 273.15. The 273.15 is added because the absolute zero on the Kelvin scale is -273.15°C.

You can also convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit to Kelvin Conversion Table

This table provides conversions for some commonly referenced Fahrenheit temperatures:

Fahrenheit (°F)Kelvin (K)
-459.67 °F0 K
-279.67 °F100 K
-99.67 °F200 K
32.00 °F273.15 K
80.33 °F300 K
260.33 °F400 K
440.33 °F500 K
620.33 °F600 K
800.33 °F700 K
980.33 °F800 K
1160.33 °F900 K
1340.33 °F1000 K
Fahrenheit to Kelvin Conversion Table

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