Celsius to Kelvin

How to Use Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Navigating the complexities of temperature conversions is effortless with our Celsius to Kelvin Converter. Here’s a simple guide to using our tool:

  1. Enter the Temperature: Input the Celsius temperature value you wish to convert to Kelvin.
  2. Select convert to initiate the conversion process.
  3. Get Instant Results: Our converter will immediately display the equivalent temperature in Kelvin, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Key Features of Our Converter:

  • Precision Guaranteed: Benefit from precise temperature conversions, backed by advanced algorithms and reliable calculations.
  • User-Friendly Design: Experience seamless navigation and intuitive controls with our user-friendly interface.
  • Real-Time Conversions: Enjoy instant results without the hassle of manual calculations or complex formulas.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access our converter from any device, anytime, for on-the-go temperature conversions.

Celsius to Kelvin conversion table:

Celsius (°C)Kelvin (K)
0°C273.15 K
10°C283.15 K
20°C293.15 K
30°C303.15 K
40°C313.15 K
50°C323.15 K
60°C333.15 K
70°C343.15 K
80°C353.15 K
90°C363.15 K
100°C373.15 K
Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Table

The formula to convert from Celsius to Kelvin is:

K = C + 273.15


  • C is the temperature in degrees Celsius
  • K is the temperature in Kelvin

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