Kelvin to Celsius

How Kelvin to Celsius Converter Works

Converting temperatures from Kelvin to Celsius has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to utilize our Kelvin to Celsius Converter effectively:

  1. Input the Kelvin Temperature: Enter the temperature value in Kelvin that you wish to convert to Celsius.
  2. Initiate the Conversion: Select the conversion option to transform the temperature from Kelvin to Celsius.
  3. Receive Immediate Results: Our calculator will instantly display the equivalent temperature in Celsius, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Table

Kelvin (K)Celsius (°C)
0 K-273.15°C
273 K0°C
298 K25°C
310 K37°C
373 K100°C
500 K227°C
1000 K727°C
Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Table

To convert from Kelvin to Celsius, use the formula:

Celsius = Kelvin – 273.15

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