Centimeters and Inches

How to use

  • Enter the Centimeter Value: Simply input the centimeter value you wish to convert in the specified box and click the “convert” button.
  • Receive Instantaneous Results: Our converter will immediately display the corresponding inches value.


  • Swift Conversions: Experience real-time conversions without any delays.
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Centimeters to Inches Conversion Table

1 cm0.39 in
2 cm0.79 in
3 cm1.18 in
4 cm1.57 in
5 cm1.97 in
6 cm2.36 in
7 cm2.76 in
8 cm3.15 in
9 cm3.54 in
10 cm3.94 in
11 cm4.33 in
12 cm4.72 in
15 cm5.91 in
20 cm7.87 in
Centimeters to inches


Q: Why is the metric system, including centimeters, considered more universal?

A: The metric system, rooted in decimal-based measurements, offers a standardized approach. This universality makes it favored in many scientific, academic, and global contexts.

Q: What’s the formula for converting centimeters to inches?

A: The fundamental conversion formula is:


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